Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

The latest reports and trends on the direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand model in ecommerce and retail.

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2022: A definitive moment for D2C

With the shift to online here to stay, brands are discovering the merits that a compelling D2C offering can bring, including flexibility, greater control, and a more valuable proposition for customers.

A screengrab of the What's New? page of the Funko Europe website, displaying a number of New and Exclusive figurines for sale.

How Funko went D2C without jeopardising retail partnerships

Eva Verhaak, VP of Marketing and Business Development EMEA at Funko, and their partner agency Space & Time discuss the challenges of launching a new D2C site in Europe and how they are acquiring new Funko customers.


Reports and Guides

Ecommerce Best Practice Guide

This guide is for companies looking to either review their existing ecommerce strategy or create an ecommerce proposition from scratch, including practical tips that can be applied to individual aspects of an ecommerce business to maximise results.


Subscription box retailers enjoy high search traffic and low online advertising costs – but will new users stick?

 ‌ Rebecca Sentance speaks to three subscription box companies – Pasta Evangelists, a subscription box service for making “restaurant quality” pasta; Craftiosity, a craft subscription box; and Cratejoy, an ecommerce platform for subscription boxes – about the increase in demand that they’ve seen, why subscription boxes are playing such an important role in the current crisis, and what the lasting effects of the pandemic might be on the subscription box industry.

An introduction to direct-to-consumer brands and their marketing

 ‌ In the past decade or so, we’ve seen a swathe of successful digital-first D2C brands make their mark. From Dollar Shave Club to Glossier – D2C has become synonymous with success.

But why is this the case, and what does it tell us about retail and marketing? This briefing will explore the benefits of the D2C sales model, take a look at some of the best examples of this trend, as well as examine the future of D2C.

Microlearning – Strategy

Microlearning – Ecommerce

Fast Track Ecommerce and Online Merchandising training

Ecommerce expectations and shopping behaviours are changing rapidly. By combining best-practice methods with cutting-edge techniques, this Ecommerce and Online Merchandising training course will ensure your brand’s ecommerce delivery thrives in a competitive marketplace.