Marketing Campaign Integration Strategy (Paid Search)

A best practice guide helping marketers test and improve all elements of PPC to stay ahead of the competition and ensure relevance with customers on search. It discusses different bid strategies, ad extensions, how to test messaging and creative, landing page optimisation and how to integrate mobile search into any PPC campaign.

Planning and Strategy for Paid Search

A best practice guide offering step-by-step advice to ensure paid search campaigns are best placed to succeed. From defining budgets, business goals, channels, resourcing and targets, this guide is a useful tool for anyone involved in building or delivering a strategy for paid search.

Paid Search Basics Best Practice Guide

This best practice guide serves as an introduction to the role of paid search in the digital marketing mix, covering how to write a successful paid search ad along with the basics of keyword strategy and campaign management. It also covers the latest developments from the search engines.


Running paid search in challenging industries: pharma & healthcare

Paid search is typically seen as one of the most flexible digital channels, allowing you to quickly and efficiently set up campaigns that drive performance in a tight window. In my years working in paid search this has usually been the case. However, there are certain, highly regulated industries that flip these perceptions on their […]