Strategy: Introducing the basics

In this course you will be introduced to the world of strategy. You will learn key elements of the modern marketing strategy, including the conversion funnel, and how to quantify your strategy. You will be provided with top tips when it comes to digital planning and be introduced to the concept of brand purpose. Finally, […]


Strategy: In practice

In this course you will explore beyond the basic understanding of strategy concepts and begin to consider how they play a role in your day-to-day activities, as well as what you can do to enhance their capabilities. Through this collection of readings and videos you will explore the world of digital disruptors: what they are, […]


Strategy: Building on what you know

In this course you will be expanding on any knowledge you already have on strategy either from your day-to-day role, or from the Introduction to basics course if you have completed that. Although this course only features three lessons you will take a deep dive into the world of brand, distribution, and agile thinking. You […]

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The Future of Marketing

Bringing together the survey results from over 900 marketing professionals, Econsultancy’s annual Future of Marketing report looks at the trends shaping the industry and marketers’ priorities over the next two years, after a period of unprecedented global change.