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State of Marketing Automation in Australia & New Zealand Webinar

State of Marketing Automation in Australia & New Zealand: Webinar Resources

Webinar Recording   Feedback? We would like to hear your thoughts, please click here to take our short survey.   Related Resources Report: State of Marketing Automation in Australia and New Zealand Report: State of Email and Marketing Automation in South-East Asia Report: Marketing Automation in Asia-Pacific Best Practice Guide Blog: What’s the difference between CRM, marketing […]

Trend Briefing: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

1. Introduction Econsultancy’s series of best practice guides have been created for internet professionals who typically work in marketing or ecommerce roles. The Innovation Best Practice series has been created for a wide range of audiences, not just people who think they’re innovative or digital. CEOs and MDs; CFOs and Marketing Directors; product, technology, brand […]


Three ways brands will use cognitive marketing

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us. In the past few years, vast improvements have been made in how well computers can recognise objects in images and understand human voices.

Progress in these areas has been made due to increased computing power and the availability of large stores of data, which, when combined, have made AI systems dramatically more effective.

Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

1. Introduction The use of technology in marketing has transformed the profession in recent years. As well as greater levels of measurement and data, the strategies and methods used have radically changed and marketing mindsets have altered. There has been a marketing arms race with the adoption of such automated techniques as demand-side platforms, cookie-based […]