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What is dropshipping and is it right for your business?

We live in a time when it’s easier than ever to set up a fully working shop, albeit a virtual ecommerce one. 

One of the things that makes it so easy is the fact that, unlike in the past, you don’t actually need to own or store any stock in order to start selling to customers. 

How is that possible? One of the most popular ways is through dropshipping. 

Preparing for Christmas: Key UK online retail stats

December is almost here and many of us have already made a start on our Christmas shopping.

One of the most useful things about our Internet Statistics Compendium (ISC) is that it is a really quick way to browse festive trends from the last few years to get a good idea of how important digital channels will be to shoppers in the lead up to the 25th.

This month I thought I’d use this blog post to pick out some key stats – incorporated into the Ecommerce and Customer Experience documents of our ISC – to look at how Christmas 2015 might play out among online and multichannel retailers in the UK.

The subscription ecommerce opportunity

For years people have subscribed to newspapers and magazines, but now consumers can subscribe to receive a wide range of basic products, from fashion to fresh vegetables.

As consumer buying habits are trending towards simpler, hassle-free shopping experiences, companies like Pact Coffee, Graze and Glossybox are invading the subscription space and seeing incredible growth.

While subscription selling may not be a new model of retail, it has the potential to up-end traditional shopping patterns.

Just this month, music streaming subscription services like Spotify were included in the UK basket of goods and services used to calculate inflation.