Close-up photograph of a bottle of Baileys alongside a glass that has a small amount poured into it.

Diageo on D2C strategy, owning search and adapting to new consumer moments

For brands who primarily sold to or interacted with customers via a physical venue, the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that it brought prompted an abrupt shift towards finding ways to interact with customers in the digital realm instead. This was particularly true for beverage company Diageo, which owns drinks brands like Guinness, Baileys, Smirnoff, […]

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SEO for 2021 Webinar

A webinar drawing on latest updates to Econsultancy’s SEO Best Practice Guide, covering topics including Google’s recent changes to ranking factors, the growth in search functionality through AI and updates to fraggles, from passages in search results to Google’s new ability to understand the content of video.

SEO Best Practice: Technical SEO

An in-depth guide looking at the technical considerations for SEO, including how technical decisions can affect a website’s compatibility with search engine guidelines and a site’s ability to be ranked for relevant keyword searches. Part of Econsultancy’s SEO Best Practice Guide.

SEO Best Practice: On-Page Optimisation

This part of Econsultancy’s SEO Best Practice Guide looks at the critical components of on-page optimisation, the practice of improving site rankings by focusing content and ensuring signals sent to search engines are as clear as possible.

SEO Best Practice: Algorithm Updates

An outline of all the important updates to the Google algorithm, from Google’s earliest algorithm changes to important recent updates including 2020’s broad core updates and AI advancements in search.

33 examples of great meta descriptions for search

The meta description that accompanies your website or webpage in search results can determine whether or not a searcher clicks through to your site. Here are some tips on how to write a good one and why meta descriptions are important, along with 33 best practice examples from around the web.