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Two side-by-side screenshots of Facebook ad copy, both of which use emoji and sound extremely similar.

How Wowcher used AI copywriting to reduce Facebook ad CPL by 31%

Deals brand Wowcher succeeded in gaining a 31% reduction in cost per lead (CPL) after it piloted Phrasee’s AI copywriting tool for social ads. We spoke to Sara Cartelle Buceta, Account Director for Wowcher’s agency Tomorrow TTH, and Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, to learn how the tool was able to deliver.

The Future of Celebrity Marketing

The Future of Celebrity Marketing

1. Executive Summary The definition of celebrity, as we know it, is changing. Thanks to the advent of social media and the subsequent rise of online influencers, a new generation of talent has emerged for traditional celebrities to compete with. Over the past year particularly, some impressive brand deals have been won by social media […]

How succeeds on Pinterest

Promoted Pins have recently rolled out in the UK, having been trialled in the US since January 2015. immediately jumped aboard, extending its use of the social network that has contributed greatly to the brand’s growth.

Here’s how MADE is succeeding with Pinterest…

The Rise of Influencers

The Rise of Influencers

Executive Summary Over the past couple of years, more and more brands have begun to align themselves with digital influencers. Why? Because consumers are expressing increasing preference for authentic, trusted opinion, over and above the voice of the brand itself. In the process, we have seen the rise of consumers-turned-digital personalities, and some of the biggest names […]

The new Google+ seeks the middle ground in social publishing

Google+ has had a major revamp in another effort to convince all but its most loyal users to log on.

Here’s the official announcement from the Google blog.

It strikes me that Google is seeking a middle ground between Twitter and Medium. A place that’s definitely not Facebook (in fact, it’s not really about people) but revolves around individual interests and a hunger for micro- (or macro) blogging.