The Ecommerce Quarterly

The Ecommerce Quarterly is a series of presentations by Econsultancy, which curates the latest trends, developments, and statistics in ecommerce.

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Ecommerce Quarterly: Q3 2021

‌This edition of the Ecommerce Quarterly covers

Ecommerce trends: What share of total retail spend does ecommerce account for at the end of 2021?

Holiday shopping: What impact are supply chain issues having on the all-important Christmas shopping period? How are brands like Amazon and UPS tackling labour shortages in order to meet consumer demands?

New commerce: How are brands and retailers connecting physical and digital experiences in the new retail environment? What does Nike’s latest acquisition indicate about the brand’s metaverse ambitions?

Sustainability: New evidence suggests that playing a positive role in society drives growth for brands. What is the business case for sustainable ecommerce and how are waste streams being turned into revenue streams?

Marketplaces: With more consumers turning to digital marketplaces, the number of retailers looking to set up their own enterprise marketplaces is rising. What is driving the growth in retail media?