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Data & analytics in 2022: What do the experts predict?

Between new privacy legislation, increased scrutiny of big tech’s approach to data collection, and the continued maturation of strategies to replace third-party tracking cookies, 2021 has brought some interesting developments for data and analytics. What do the experts predict 2022 will look like? Here are some key trends highlighted by our contacts in the world […]

How to create better marketing job descriptions: a beginner’s guide

The content of this guide is taken from Econsultancy’s Modern Marketing Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide, written by Rose Keen. The report offers hiring managers and recruitment teams the tools to write better job descriptions for in-demand roles. From building in inclusivity from the beginning to ensuring discoverability, this guide offers a framework to help […]

Modern Marketing Job Descriptions

This guide covers the challenges specific to hiring for the skillsets required by modern marketing teams in the digital age. It looks at how to use job descriptions as a marketing tool, overcoming the skills gap, building diversity and inclusion into the hiring process, and more.