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17 marketing campaigns with a positive message for women

The marketing and advertising industries have historically been more about fantasy than reality, and female idealisation rather than empowerment. Today, however, we’re seeing a sea-change in the way brands represent and market to women, fuelled by social and political movements. There’s still work to be done, of course. That beach body campaign wasn’t all that […]

Jigsaw campaign

10 examples of great fashion marketing campaigns

Fashion marketing campaigns tend to be creative, sometimes controversial, but always at the forefront of what’s cool. Whether or not the clothes are wearable… well, that’s beside the point. Here are a few of my favourites from over the past few years. For more on this topic, readers can explore: Social Media Advertising Best Practice […]

Storytelling for Marketers

Storytelling for Marketers

1. Introduction 1.1 Executive summary This report identifies best practice approaches, techniques, challenges and opportunities around storytelling in the context of marketing. It explores how marketers perceive the importance of storytelling to the practice of marketing and the best practice application of storytelling principles to support marketing objectives and activity. The following topics are covered […]

Three trends shaping the future of customer engagement in marketing

What is the future of customer engagement? A few decades ago, the most effort that the average brand made to “engage” with its customers would be broadcasting a message at them via a billboard, magazine, or television ad. The best way to persuade customers to buy products was thought to be by proclaiming their greatness, usually in a catchy or memorable way, to as wide an audience as possible.