H1 2022 Analyst Session: The Learning Imperative

The importance of considering the human capability side of transformation and innovation projects has been a key theme of Econsultancy’s research. However, with only 17% of marketers reporting ‘having the right skills in place’ as a top priority for their organisation, many companies are risking embedding decline and undermining any transformational efforts.

This 60 minute analyst session covers:

  • The relationship between marketing skills, knowledge and marketing mindset
  • The role of mindset, skills and employee experience in organisational culture, employee engagement and customer experience
  • Considerations and approaches for creating a culture of continuous learning and bridging the skills gap
  • Culture and learning as a catalyst for innovation and exceptional customer experience.

If you are interested in booking a session with us or want to know more, please contact: analyst.sessions@econsultancy.com


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