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With its product development roadmap in place for the next three years and recent PE investment, software vendor Redstor sought to scale up an effective demand generation programme that would quickly deliver increased product demo leads for its sales team.

It turned to Really B2B to support both its marketing and sales teams, to build and launch a technology-focused demand generation engine that would deliver growth.

After just over a year, the work delivered 2,609 MQLs and 1,121 SQLs with closed deals of £1.2m LTV, while Redstor’s sales pipeline increased by 222%.

Objectives & Aims

Really B2B’s aim was to scale up an effective demand generation programme in order to quickly generate more product demo leads for the Redstor sales team. It needed a platform that would provide clear visibility of its universe across all territories, as well as accurate information on which to base decisions, whilst being completely GDPR compliant.

It also needed to build a true picture of ROI – the platform had to give Redstor complete visibility of each customer journey, regardless of the path they followed. Non-marketing stakeholders needed up-to-the-minute performance information.

The key objective of the demand generation programme, however, was to generate increased product demonstration MQLs.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

To reach these objectives, Really B2B built and launched a technology-focused demand generation engine to deliver growth. The solution would provide instant access to recovered data, offering teams greater control.

Really B2B carried out a full audit of Redstor’s existing tech stack, centred around Hubspot, and analysed data platforms based on quality of data, their data collection methods and their ability to integrate into CRM via API. It also built relevant data segments within each platform, providing weekly updated files via API to update the CRM and MAP. This helped to ensure speedy campaigning. The martech solutions were designed in such a way to ensure swift integration and deployment, leveraging tried-and-tested tools by Really B2B, and the existing Redstor technology.

When it came to creative, Redstor wanted to move away from staid images typically seen in its space and create an emotional connection with the audience. Following a workshop, it was decided that using animals would be a powerful way to communicate with Redstor’s audience, as they could illustrate the agility and freedom offered by the solution, while standing out in the market.

These dynamic animal images were used in the creative across channels, including email, social, PPC, direct mail and telemarketing, in order to reach prospects at the right time in a way that resonated with them. Different animals were selected to represent different products, while each product area had its own colour, giving Redstor a strong identity across the different channels.

To ensure it was reaching the right targets, Really B2B drew from intent data, reviewing search queries so they knew how to start the conversation with new leads. Performance was continually monitored to ensure the best possible messaging was used.


Impact on the business since November 2018:

  • 33% increase in monthly MQL volume
  • 50% increase in conversion to demo (SQL)
  • MQL acceptance increased from 40% to 80%
  • 100% increase in IP-personalised site dwell time.

By close of the 12 month programme, results are as follows:

  • 2,609 MQLs
  • 549 Opportunities generated
  • 1,121 SQLs
  • £1.2m LTV won business based on a 6- to 12-month sales cycle
  • £12.9m pipeline revenue
  • ROI of over 400%.


B2B Marketing 2020 Martech Awards – Marketing operations team of the year

For more information, including a look at Redstor’s technology stack, see the Really B2B case study.